Helpful links, teaching materials, and more

Ministry Resources

Corrections Resources

Websites providing helpful information for prison ministry volunteers and family members of the incarcerated.

Corrections Offender Network

Search to locate an inmate anywhere in the Florida Corrections System.

Florida Workers and Florida Jails/Prisons

A directory produced by Gary Wyder of church of Christ workers in Florida jails and prisons.

Florida Department of Corrections

The main resource for information about Florida's prison system.

National Institute of Justice

Focuses on research, development, and evaluation of crime control and justice issues.

Instructional Materials

Here are a few websites providing teaching and training materials that we’ve found to be helpful to prison ministry volunteers.

New Life Behavior Ministries

Prison-focused training programs and courses.

World Video Bible School

A self-paced study program covering the entire Bible.

House to House/Heart to Heart

Allen Webster correspondence courses.

Jim Massey

Tracts in English, Russian and Spanish.

World Evangelism

Publishers of "The Voice of Truth" quarterly magazine.