85,172 souls incarcerated in florida prisons

God loves every one of them.

As long as there are prisons, Christians should minister to prisoners. Ministry is first and foremost preaching and teaching the word of God; converting the lost and encouraging the saved.

we plant the seed. god provides the growtH.

He changes prison lives
into productive lives.

Every person is made in God’s image. His message can reach into the hearts of men and women who have lost their way, helping them to function more positively within the prison environment, and preparing them for a successful re-entry into society.

our sponsoring congregation

Lake Butler
church of Christ

This congregation of the Lord’s church began an outreach to prisons in 1971, providing Bibles to everyone coming into the Department of Corrections. In 1975, Sam Long, the pulpit minister of this church, devoted a full year to the establishment of a statewide prison ministry.


This legacy lives on, carried forward through the ongoing efforts of ministers Gary Wyder, Christopher Carter, and many others throughout the Florida state prison system.

your generosity. god's purpose.

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